Latest Milestones

14th Mar 2020

1,000+ downloads so far | by: mhdrahmoun

Mylestone has more than 1,000+ downloads on play store!

8th Dec 2019

viper challenge | by: Mohamad Mokresh

run for 20 km with obstacles 😃

29th Nov 2019

IELTS | by: Mohamad Mokresh

Sored 6.5

11th Oct 2019

The tag | by: Mohamad Mokresh

find how to get the tag of the fragment after few years 😅

2th Oct 2019

Rails 6 | by: mhdrahmoun

Mylestone now on Rails 6! and it seems more faster than before :D

1th Oct 2019

500+ downloads on play store | by: mhdrahmoun

Mylestone now has more than 500 downloads on play store!

21th Apr 2019

50+ installs on play store! | by: mhdrahmoun

Mylestone got 50+ installs on play store so far ... have you downloaded the app?

15th Apr 2019

A7la mesa ! | by: omarkrostom

Great idea, msa !

12th Apr 2019

Milestone! | by: charles

happy to see this app live!

11th Apr 2019

Mylestone App! | by: mhdrahmoun

Yaay! Mylestone has an Android App now :)

16th Mar 2019

Enrich my knowledge | by: Mohamad Mokresh

Learn about new technologies that will progress my development process

4th Mar 2019

Milston like no other | by: Ahmad

Loved the idea <3

3th Mar 2019

Hi Mohammed | by: Varsha

Joined this wonderful site

3th Mar 2019

Testing my websites builder | by: Mohammad

After working for more 1 year finally I have finished my project which make it easy for every one to build his own website with just drag and drop elements, but unfortunately i haven't hosted it yet but it will be online in just few days.

3th Mar 2019

First Milestone! | by: mhdrahmoun

Yaaay! We just created our first milestone. Save your milestones and share them with the world!